Monthly Archives: April 2014

In a word: Momentum

As my last post suggested, one word that’s been on my mind lately is “momentum.” Simply put, it takes awhile to put anything together, and you only get to the destination if you’ve built up the velocity to cover the distance. Language ability, getting in shape, and finalizing a partnership in Peru. Everything takes time and the course of events needed to do it will sometimes stretch over longer than anyone of us wants.

What I’ve had to realize that in the middle of everything, when I don’t know what I should be doing, I should come back to focus on what I do know – building momentum to the destination of where I want to go. In my mind I kind of break that word into two parts: the “moment” and the “tum.” I’m just going to skip the latin and say that “tum” sounds to me like a “ton,” so when I combine both of those words I basically think of it as a “ton” of “moments.” Isn’t that what you need to get going anywhere? Here’s a more formal definition just in case you’re curious.

momentum: force or speed of movement; impetus, as of a physical object or course of events. (source:

After looking at this I discovered that there exists maybe even a better word inside of the word full of a ton of moments. So I looked up “impetus.”momentum-b2b-marketing

impetus: the momentum of a moving body, especially with reference to the cause of motion. (source:

Now, that’s even more packed isn’t it. “The cause of motion.” What is the cause of motion? Well, it could be, and it should be, a “ton” of “moments.” Tons of phone calls, emails, trips to the office, early mornings, late nights, extra cups of coffee, patience, clarification, declarations, apologies, training, study, rest, exercise, frustration, release, joy, accomplishment, plans, changes, and a renew.

To cause any motion to occur, you truly need a ton of moments.